Calgary Rocketry

The October 8th launch at Rosebud is a GO!
The event will go from 10am to 4pm.
Weather forecast: 9 deg C in the morning, about 20 deg C in early afternoon.
Wind will be from SSE, light in the morning (about 15 to 20 km), can be breezy in the afternoon (to about 28km+ gusts)
Launch Conditions:
Best flights in the morning for lowest wind conditions.
As normal, LSO/RSO will make calls in the afternoon with the changing wind conditions (alt. and/or motor size).
Rockets will likely drift towards the northern part of the field.
Use of Jolly Logic chute deploy is highly recommended to reduce drifting outside of our site boundary.
Use of recovery blanket/Nomex chute protector is recommended when possible.

See the Calendar for details.

The Calgary Rocketry club is an organization dedicated to the safe enjoyment and promotion of sport Rocketry. Our club provides the rocketry community in Calgary and surrounding area with safe places to launch and fly rockets, as well as gaining experience in building rockets.

The club holds monthly meetings at Roots 2 STEM during which we share construction techniques and help each other with ideas.

There are often building sessions and rocket inspections during these meetings. The Airdrie group organizes at least one model rocket launch per month, weather permitting.

The members of our club are a friendly group of people who are always happy to help new rocketeers with any questions they may have. The club is open to kids and adults alike.


This is a listing of meetings and various launches that are taking place in the province during the coming year.



A number of launches are scheduled at various locations throughout Alberta during the year. The following is a listing the most popular launch sites including dates and locations.

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