Launch Site: Airdrie

Airdrie Launch Site

The Airdrie low-power launch site is the Monklands soccer park in Airdrie. The site will support up to E motors and a max altitude of 1,200ft. The launches are organized by the Airdrie Space Science Club one Saturday each Month.

For more information on the ASSC launch schedule, contact:

Or reach the club via its Facebook page

Airdrie Launches: Please note it is not necessary to purchase a membership in Calgary Rocketry to participate in the weekend Airdrie model launches. These launches only require a CAR membership. As a convenience the Airdrie organizers offer one-day temporary memberships in CAR for $5 which can be purchased the same day as the launch.

Launch announcement as copied from Facebook:
The Airdrie Space Science Club is planning to host a model rocket launch on "Next date to be announced" at Monklands Soccer Park in Airdrie. All are invited to attend and launch or come to watch!
There are a number of conditions:

  • We will follow safe COVID practices - distance where possible, masks where needed, hand sanitizer available.
  • All who launch must be members of either the Canadian Association of Rocketry or the National Association of Rocketry and be able to show their current membership card as proof. If you are not, a temporary one day membership to CAR may be purchased on site for $5.
  • All rockets are limited to 1200 feet AGL and no more than an E motor.
  • Our Range Safety officer and Launch Control officer reserve the right to refuse launching of unsafe rockets.
  • Motors can be purchased on site from one of our vendors.