Hanna 2018 - April 7

The Club High Power Launchs are held near Hanna, Alberta.

With the several successful launches at Hanna, the Calgary Rocketry Association is returning to the region to bolster our launch capability, and further gain the respect of the local community. This launch location is a couple kilometers west of Spondin Alberta. It complements the regular CRA, ERC, and LRA launches by providing a geographically centralized site for the three clubs and for members from any other club that wish to attend.

As this launch is still introducing HPR to landowners and residents mostly unfamiliar with amateur rocketry, we want to put on a good show. To that end, let's keep our rockets on the mild side, targetting flights to no more than 10000 feet. If a higher altitude is desired, we can consider the weather conditions before letting the rocket go out to the pad. Single stage mostly tried and proven birds with "normal" flight characteristics are the order for the day. As well, bring along a low or mid-powered rocket to display a level of rocketry that is within reach of aspiring rocketeers.

Be sure to bring your current CAR-ACF membership cards for registration.