Launch Site: Marlborough Park

Marlborough Park Launch Site

The Marlborough Park location is a Low-power launch site within Calgary city limits. The event is hosted by the Calgary Rocketry club.

The City of Calgary has issued a permit to Calgary Rocketry to use the park on scheduled events as a model rocket launch site, and the Canadian Association of Rocketry (CAR/ACF) has approved the site for use by CAR/ACF members.

The park is NOT authorized as an ad-hoc model launch site by the public!

Launch events are intended to occur once a month, from May to October. Planned launches will be announced in advance of the event.

Note: There are no services on site, but this is within Calgary, so within a short drive of pretty much anything.

Range Pass Costs
  • $25 for high-power
  • $5 for model fliers who are not CAR-ACF members
  • Free for model fliers who are CAR-ACF members