Launch Site: Marlborough Park

Marlborough Park Launch Site

The Marlborough Park location is a Low-power launch site within Calgary city limits. The event is hosted by the Calgary Rocketry club.

The City of Calgary has issued a permit to Calgary Rocketry to use the park on scheduled events as a model rocket launch site.

The park is NOT authorized as an ad-hoc model launch site by the public!

Launch events are intended to occur once a month, from May to October. Planned launches will be announced in advance of the event.

Note: There are no services on site, but this is within Calgary, so within a short drive of pretty much anything.

Range Pass Costs
  • $5 for model fliers who are not Calgary Rocketry members
  • Free for model fliers who are Calgary Rocketry members
  • The launch site is within the City of Calgary, and the City is charging the club several hundred dollars for the permit allowing us to do launches over the summer. To help pay for these launches, the club has decided to have range fees specific to the site.