Launch Site: Sullivan Lake

Sullivan Lake Launch Site

The Rock Lake / Sullivan Lake launch site is the premier location for high power rocketry in Alberta.

The site has been used for high power launches for over twenty years and is shared by two annual events, Rock Lake in June, and Sullivan Lake in September.

Rock Lake is hosted by the Lethbridge Rocketry Club, and the Sullivan Lake event is hosted by the Calgary Rocketry club.

This site is favoured for its high altitude ceilings and is well attended by competitive sport flyers from across Western Canada. Both launches are three-day events.

This is a CAR sanctioned event so a current CAR-ACF membership is required for registration.

General Information

Sullivan Lake is a three day family-friendly event with most flights taking place on Saturday. Spectators are always welcome and can look forward to a number of exciting flights. Remember to bring your own sun protection, water, bug-spray and lawn chair.

The weather and wind conditions at this site can be quite variable, so it is best to take advantage of favourable conditions when they occur, rather than wait for weather to improve. Dual-deployment is the rule for high altitude flights at this location.

Range Pass Costs
  • $25 for high-power
  • $5 for model fliers who are not CAR-ACF members
  • Free for model fliers who are CAR-ACF members

Sullivan Lake Range Duties

Camping on-site is allowed and trailers or motor-homes are recommended. Tents are welcomed but be prepared for the possibility of wind and rain at the site. The ground is quite hard so bring sturdy tent pegs that can be driven into rocky ground.

The use of propane stoves and BBQ's is allowed, however open fire pits are not permitted.

The site can be very hot even in September. Bring sunscreen, sun hats, and bug repellent along with your lawn chair.

The town of Milk River is 50km away, and has the nearest hospital in case of a medical emergency. Taber is 57km away and has a hospital, grocery stores, hardware stores, restaurants, accommodation, and fast food.